Amidst the backdrop of a fractious, fighting Congress, Ed Mitchell decided to come up with a single visual language that could be used to redesign every state flag. Click on this link to see how YOU can help fix them too: To put Georgia’s seal on this symbol of hatred, divide, and oppression is shameful. “I think Mississippians see the flag redesign process as an opportunity to improve the perception of our great state,” she adds. 25. The Blues & Royals trace their linage back to the Civil War to a regiment of Horse raised by Sir Arthur Haselrig (who we have already mentioned in Part One in relation to the Coldstream Guards) for the Parliamentarian Army (perhaps one of the little ironies of history the regiment now part of the Household Division that guards the Monarch). Every great state. 25 redesigned New Jersey state flags. Lambasted by the public, a newly proposed state flag has been scrapped, the Post and Courier reported this week. On April 8, 1896, the New York state legislature adopted a law making the coat of arms on a buff field the official state flag. This redesign of South Carolina's state flag was scrapped after state residents criticized the illustration of the palmetto tree in its center, which was compared to a toilet brush. South Carolina wants to freshen up its state flag, but not everyone is crazy about the proposed redesign. The blue symbolizes the Atlantic Ocean. Help us give NJ a flag to be proud of! Rather than put the whole coat of arms on the flag, I’m drawing out … Adam redesigned a bunch of state flags as part of a fun exercise in graphic design and came up with this for Florida. Maine’s flag has a tree to symbolize the large number of trees in Maine (almost 90 percent of the area in Maine is covered in trees).There is a “North Star” in the corner because Maine is a northern state. The most prominent symbol, the snow-capped peak, references Nevada's name in Spanish ("snowy," referring to the Sierra Nevada). Surprising but true. Jersey City, New Jersey / Peter Miller / CC BY-NC-ND. The reason for the redesign is that there is no official state flag. South Carolinians are fiercely proud of the state’s iconic indigo-blue flag, with its thin crescent and lush palmetto.. The Committee to Redesign the Mississippi State Flag joined Reeves as he signed the bill into law. The South Carolina State Flag Study Committee was created in 2018 to standardize the state flag -- and met just five times before proposing the new one, influenced by state history. Most American citizens will be familiar with their state flag, which adorn on the walls of city halls, state buildings and elsewhere. This one was designed by Adam A. Smith, a self-proclaimed “flag geek” and professor at the University of Puget Sound. After a bill was passed to change the flag, a body called the Commission to Redesign the Mississippi State Flag was set up with nine members from various state departments. I fixed them! This redesign of South Carolina’s state flag was scrapped after state residents criticized the illustration of the palmetto tree in its center, which was compared to a toilet brush. Some flags have words or phrases printed on them, which are illegible for the same reasons. "Nevada became the 36th state to enter the union in 1864, and the phrase 'Battle Born' on the state flag reflects the state's entry on the Union side during the American Civil War. The shape of the cap resembles an arrowhead, while the star comes from the current state flag. The flags are coming! Mississippi Highway Patrol officers retire the state flag outside of the Capitol in Jackson, Miss., Wednesday, July 1, 2020. In fact, South Carolina hasn’t had an official flag for 80 years. “In Mississippi, the state flag is the most visible symbol of white supremacy," says a group of local leaders calling for its replacement. Though the Mississippi flag was the last to bear the obvious image of the Confederate battle flag, there are other state flags that contain Confederate symbology that may be a little harder to spot. The Georgia State flag was redesigned in 2003 to be a replica of the very first Confederate flag that was adopted by the Confederate states in 1861. They also represent the white winters and green summers of the state.. Michigan has a complex coat of arms that includes a deer, a bear, an eagle, a man with a rifle waving while standing on a beach, and two Latin inscriptions. The current New Jersey State flag does not do justice to our great state. Would a more unified approach to flag design encourage a more unified politic? South Carolinians haven't had an official flag since 1940, when the state repealed a code that required an official design. The buff field was chosen because Major Asa Gardiner, the main proponent of the flag, argued that it should be of the facing color of uniform worn by troops. But Ed Mitchell has decided to redesign all 50 U.S. state flags. With REUNION, I seek to address these flaws with redesigned flags for … So when a commission of historians was tasked with tweaking its design, residents of the state were quick to respond — mess with the flag, and you mess with us.. Updated Jan 17, 2019; Posted Nov 24, 2015 . ). Maryland’s flag is the exact same as the current flag.Nothing in need of change there… “My redesign makes it obvious … The top and bottom stripes of the flag represent the Upper and Lower Peninsulas, respectively. 1 / 125. America's state flags suck! More than half of US state flags feature a blank field (majority blue) with some sort of detailed state seal in the center. A redesign of all 50 state flags messes with Texas. This redesigned flag for Nevada by John Karp attracted considerable local attention and won two public contests in 2001. A renewed challenge to the state flag, the only one with the Confederate battle flag embedded in it, has stirred a familiar debate between tradition and changed views on race. The commission charged with presenting a new Mississippi state flag to voters in November on Tuesday heard from a vexillologist, or expert on flags. The state House and Senate met on Saturday and took a huge step forward by voting to suspend legislative deadlines so a bill to redesign the flag could be introduced. There is another page for New York City. Since the 1800s, the state's flag has featured a crescent and palmetto tree on a blue background, but there has not been a standardized flag since 1940, when the … Back to Gallery. This page is about New York State. 25 ideas for a new NJ state flag. Let’s face it, most US state flags are ugly. mitchell embarked on a project to redesign all fifty state flags, paying homage to the collective spirit that has led the united states forward throughout history. Blog Archive 2018 (1) April (1) Wisconsin 2015 (1) June (1) 2010 (14) November (5) October (9) About Me. If, however, a state decides to officially adopt my flag redesign, that state will be subject to a $100,000 adoption fee, payable to me, Andy Rash. The design under consideration (bottom) was brought forth by a panel of historians. New Jersey Flag Redesign. Finally, most of the flags either look too similar to one another or are so different that no visual connection between them exists. Gallery: 25 ideas for a new NJ state flag.

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