Learn more. The boss warned the employees about blurring the lines between their professional careers and personal lives. 2) Blurring the lines. Conferences / Academic events The European Cultural Centre, in collaboration with Urbanautica and Paris College of Art, will host on November 27-28, 2020, the 2nd International Photography Conference "Blurring the Lines". "Blurred Lines" was produced by Thicke and Pharrell with an intention of creating a sound similar to Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give It Up" (1977).The song was completed in less than an hour. 2 to smear or smudge. 2. Webster’s dictionary defines the term “blurring” as something vaguely or indistinctly perceived. #11. Photography education has come a long way over the years. 1. blurred - indistinct or hazy in outline; "a landscape of blurred outlines"; "the trees were just blurry shapes". But he did talk about the meaning of the lyrics, saying they're about both "blurring the lines between men and women and how much we're the same" and "blurred lines between a … It used to be that every health professional knew their place. The controversy over the lyrics to "Blurred Lines" wasn't always clear to Pharrell Williams, but it is now. “The pleasant sunshine, and the pure air of day restored me to some degree of tranquility;” (139). to make the difference between two things less clear, or to make it difficult to see the exact truth about something: This film blurs the line / … To make dim,... Blurring - definition of blurring by The Free Dictionary. Blurring the lines between defamation and data protection Stewarts ... As to meaning, he found that that the words complained of in context were defamatory of Mr Gubarev. We now live in an ‘always on’, ‘always connected’ world. By Kiri Picone. In my opinion, the government's new policy blurs the lines between ethical treatment and abuse. The one learning a language! Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. Using a bill requiers a user to get within 4 inches of the coke line, thus, the line is blured. With advancements in technology, many of the ideas in StarTrek now blur the lines between fact and fiction. Get your answers by asking now. A weekly dispatch on where the nation stands now — and where it’s going next. Lucy McRae: Blurring The Lines Between Art, Technology And The Human Form. ring , blurs v. tr. This research explores the choreography of Manila hip-hop dancers, with particular attention to meaning-making via genre, mode, dimension and conflict. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - … ring , blurs v. tr. How do you say this in Danish? " Join. After World War II, performers represented the U.S. government abroad in cultural diplomacy initiatives. Is it a lot used ? How to use blur in a sentence. The meaning of the words complained of in the article, and; Whether the corporate claimant had suffered serious harm. This case borrowed from defamation law in other ways too. The Language Level symbol shows a user's proficiency in the languages they're interested in. Posted by Professor Jon Whittle on 02 October 2015. Dazu gehört der Widerspruch gegen die Verarbeitung Ihrer Daten durch Partner für deren berechtigte Interessen. ... Learning a language, therefore, is not only learning the alphabet, the meaning, the grammar rules and the arrangement of words, but it is also learning the behavior of the society and its cultural customs. Fatiha Guessabi argues that culture is a language in itself. heat haze blurs the hills, education blurs class distinctions. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: blur the lines v expr verbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put their heads together," "come to an end. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. A pattern in which the border is indistinct. "I mean naughty, sexually, yeah," he added. But computacional photography does help blurring the lines a bit. Be part of the HiNative community while on the go! Victorian attitudes and the invention of plumbing and access to running water in homes, created a … 1. The story, Les Misérables, shows how the line between right and wrong can be blurry indeed. The song is a fun and provocative call for honesty. Has difficulty understanding even short answers in this language. So at times it is difficult to tell one from the other. Published March 8, 2014. This new movie blurs the lines between comedy and drama. Do you ever need to write in a foreign language at work or school ❓. Song Released: 2013 Featuring: Pharrell Williams, T.I. blur the line. Robin Thicke: Blurred Lines Meaning. We now live in an ‘always on’, ‘always connected’ world. BLURRING THE LINES: A Profile of State and Local Police Enforcement of Immigration Law Using the National Crime Information Center Database, 2002-2004 By Hannah Gladstein Annie Lai Jennifer Wagner Michael Wishnie Prepared for the Migration Policy Institute at New York University School of Law under the guidance of Muzaffar A. Chishti December 2005 . A metaphor is a comparison which may be used to emphasize, explain or embellish a point, as seen in this comic when Cueball likens himself to Michael Jordan. What is the more correct word for retarted … The owner of it will not be notified. . 2) Blurring the lines. This theme is complexly utilized in blurring the differences between human and monster. n. 4 something vague, hazy, or indistinct. The song is saying that "blurred lines" of scripture or morality, that try to "domesticate" us can get in the way of people being honest about their true and natural feelings for each other, leading to frustration and confusion. See lens flare; blurred vision. Blurring the lines: everything in one place. Still have questions? “The pleasant sunshine, and the pure air of day restored me to some degree of tranquility;” (139). Concerned with fashion, technology, and the human body, Lucy McRae is a self-named body architect who distorts and reconstructs the human form in art. 2. Translations in context of "blurring of the line" in English-German from Reverso Context: Internal networking between employees and centralised information exchange are thus becoming ever more critical for companies.

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