When you understand how beautifully Arabic fits together – why the root meaning “west” leads to the words for “sunset” and “strange” – the sense of illumination is sublimely satisfying. With Portuguese under your belt you’ll fly along. Not one of them could correctly produce the character. I would say that English has the best overall literature in terms of languages, because it includes all the literature from Great Britain, Ireland, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean countries such as Jamaica, African countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, and Zimbabwe, and other places I. It deters most foreigners from ever mastering the system—and increasingly trips up Chinese natives. Nonetheless, compelling reasons remain for learning other languages. I did not choose this language; it was thrust on me by the offer of a job in São Paulo. If ever there was a time to play the Latin card, this was it, so I described Sting’s wedding song as “Catullan”. But instead, breathe deep, and plunge into Arabic. Best Traditional SAT Prep Books for Instruction, Strategy, and Practice Questions. Also in the top 15 are Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese, major languages to be sure, but regionally concentrated. One factor behind the 9/11 attacks was the fact that the CIA lacked the Arabic-speakers who might have translated available intelligence. Its businessmen are buying up everything from American brands to African minerals to Russian oil rights. Only English and Chinese are more widely used on the internet than Spanish. If your interest is the Middle East or Islam, by all means learn Arabic. Probably not. You’ll learn hundreds of words without effort (azul means blue, verde means green) and be able to guess entire sentences (O sistema bancário é muito forte: the banking system is very strong). If your interest is Latin America, Spanish or Portuguese is the way to go. This club, bringing together all the countries with a French-speaking heritage, has 56 members, almost a third of the world’s countries. And I will consider Italian. Shakespeare’s dead. Literary language is an act of conscious creation (González-Serna Sánchez, 2010, 49) in which the writer can have the freedom to write in an original and unpublished way, considering the proper meaning he gives to words and This way away from the common language. Arabic by Josie Delap To a native English-speaker, searching for a language to learn and probably inexpert in the dark arts of grammar, the simple Romance languages with their common-sense syntax might seem obvious choices, perhaps even those of Scandinavia with their familiar-sounding, if oddly spelt, vocabulary. If you were to learn ten languages ranked by general usefulness, Japanese would probably not make the list. Poetry and lyrics suffer particularly badly in translation. China’s economy is going to be the biggest in the world – the only question is when. 10 Best Foreign Languages to Learn in India. Now that China is ready to take over from America as the country that sends men to the moon, surely there can be no doubt that it talks the language the rest of us should be learning. After English, it is the most used international language. While finding precise sales numbers for any given author is nearly impossible, the list is based on approximate numbers provided or repeated by reliable sources. But “standard Chinese” (putonghua, aka “Mandarin”), or something close to it, is understood almost everywhere, as it is taught in schools. Literary giants who shape the way we think, write and live today. A literary history spanning thousands of years, this language has the most beautiful poetry. If China is the country of the future, is Chinese the language of the future? Instead, they include countries with Francophone minorities (Switzerland, Belgium); those where French is official and widespread among elites (much of western Africa); those where it is not official but still spoken by nearly all educated people (Morocco, Lebanon); and those where French ties remain despite the fading of the language (Vietnam, Cambodia). It can sometimes differ noticeably from the various spoken lects, but difference between literary and non-literary forms is greater in some languages than in others. Instead, they write their language the same way we do—with a computer. (Or if the user types in wo shi zhongguo ren, “I am Chinese”, the software detects the meaning and picks the right characters.) Learn Spanish? Best of all, you’ll stand out. The name has traditionally been applied to those imaginative works of poetry and prose distinguished by the intentions of their authors and the perceived aesthetic excellence of their execution.

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