The Starlight Express – The midnight train, a representation of God. The Andrew Lloyd Webber roller-skating rock musical that is one of the longest-running musicals in West End history.. Story: A boy's toy train set comes to life and the characters race to become the 'fastest engine in the world.' Song lyrics to Broadway show. The lyrics are predominantly Richard Stilgoe's original work altered slightly, but include lyrics such as Rusty's singing "You are my Starlight" to Pearl. Famously, the actors perform the entire show onRollerskates. They say two lovers can be twice the fun. Audio has some dropouts as it was patched in separately, so the video pauses at times to catch up. Poppa, a retired champion Steamer. Electra, the new challenger, described by Control as "the Engine of the Future". Performed entirely on roller skates, Starlight Express is a visual and aural explosion of the senses. Starlight Express is a rock opera by Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Richard Stilgoe. Greaseball, the macho diesel locomotive and reigning champion. This might be a rather charitable assessment of the character. With her assistance, Rusty realizes that he already has the power to win deep inside himself. Pearl Twirl Lyrics from Starlight Express musical. The musical tells the story of a young but obsolete steam engine, Rusty, who races in a championship against modern engines in the hope of impressing a first-class carriage, Pearl. Will the underdog, Rusty, triumph and win the race and the heart of observation car, Pearl? Join StageAgent today and unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. The Engines. For romantic purposes of this number, he suggests that Pearl is 'his Starlight', 'Starlight' being a metaphor of Rusty's motivation. Soundtrack listing. Starlight Express Soundtrack Lyrics Pearl - Make Up My Heart Lyrics. Soundtrack listing. Welcome to Pearl's Domain, a Starlight Express fan site. Rusty, the steam engine who longs to enter the race and win. Starlight Express is a stage musical. Starlight Express 1988, London, UK - MP4 Cast: Gary Cordice (Rusty), Kim Leeson (Pearl), Drue Williams (Greaseball), Beverly Braybon (Dinah), Shezwae Powell (Belle), Peter Reeves (C.B) Note: One shot house-cam with multi-cam feed for the races. Defrosting Ice Queen: Pearl, depending on how she's played. Only He Lyrics from Starlight Express musical. He ultimately defeats his archrivals Greaseball and Electra, winning the heart of the lovely first class coach, Pearl, who is waiting for her dream train. Starlight Express is a 1984 British musical with music byAndrew Lloyd Webberand lyrics byRichard Stilgoe. Earlier on, Rusty looked for 'the Starlight Express'. The Coaches Someone help me make up my heart,tell me how to make up my heart. Starlight Express | 13th September 1991 | Bochum, Germany Colin Munro (Rusty), Tracey Heyworth (u/s Pearl), Darlene Casanova (Dinah), Ivy Fox (Buffy), Susan Torbeck (Ashley), Freddie Moretime (Greaseball), Stevie Woods (Papa), Koffi Missah (Electra), Kapa Kitchen (Caboose) Notes: Camera has been placed on the floor, really good bootleg that still holds up especially for 1991. Song lyrics to Broadway show. Pearl: Its time to choose between the two of them,id better make a start. The first performance was at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, London on 27th March 1984, where the production ran for almost 18 years before closing on the 12th January 2002. Ray Shell - Rusty Jeff Shankley - Greaseball Stephanie Lawrence - Pearl Lon Satton - Poppa/The Chief/Starlight Express Frances Ruffelle - Dinah Chrissy Wickham - Ashley Nancy Wood - Buffy Jeffrey Daniel - Electra Paul Reeves - Flat-Top/Gook Gary Love - Dustin/Gang Michael Staniforth - C.B. Starlight Express song list including song titles, associated characters and recommended audition songs. Crystal Dragon Jesus: The Starlight Express is basically the train version of God.

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